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Company Profile

In order to optimize productivity, and fulfill business needs that drive competitive advantage, acquired SunYang manufacture depot in ChangZhou, China.

In order to enhance conglomerate professional competence, spin off high power model of electricity vehicle business department as WTE company.
WTE is a role model of ODM/OEM for 3C and high power module manufacturing.

WTE was founded by WellDone with initial capitalism NTD$360,000,000 (around USD$12,000,000)
ITRI MCL (Industry Technology Research Institute, Material and Chemical Research Laboratory) joined WellDone group, this joint task force expanded core competence from material research to battery modules development, expertise on high power and high current / voltage modules design / development. This movement makes WellDone group became a professional company of power battery management system
WellDone signed a contract with ITRI MCL for patent of “BMS (battery management system) design and authorized manufacture”

In order to fulfill productivity, WellDone group established the second battery factory in NanHui area of Shanghai.

WellDone Group formed a joint venture with Gold Peak Industries, and SOSA Technology Corp aiming on global high power battery market.

TechCharm (Shanghai) established Ally of Cell in China, meantime, WellDone group established business unit of high power for high power battery modules development and marketing.

WellDone Group worked with ITRI for high power second Li-ion battery under academic program, it was an entry point for Li-ion battery application on LEV (light electric vehicle).

Established TechCharm (Shanghai) to build-up battery manufacture depot in Shanghai area
SFI (Security & Futures Institute approves WellDone group to be a publicly traded company. 2002/4/16 WellDone group is a public company in capital market.

WellDone Group build-up batter assembly factory, officially became one of professional battery manufacture.

Became an official agent of Toshiba Taiwan for consumer market.

Horner with Champion of overseas sales volume for Toshiba consumers battery.

Obtained qualification of Toshiba authorized agent, 8th agent in Taiwan.

WellDone group founded for trading business.

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